Thursday, October 29, 2020

Rastafarians urge Christian Council to join marijuana reform fight to help people with criminal records


Sloan Smith
Eyewitness News

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The House of Rastafari (HOR) yesterday called on the Bahamas Christian Council (BCC) to join the fight to help people with criminal records for minor charges of marijuana possession.

The Christian Council has expressed staunch opposition to marijuana reform and the potential introduction of a hemp industry.

On Monday, the BCC president Bishop Delton Fernander said the council is concerned that the government may be “experiencing a nudge by individuals or groups with a special interest in marijuana be they economic or otherwise”.

He added the prime minister has not mentioned, invited, or sought to date any consultation with the Bahamas Christian Council or the church within the country on these matters.

In a statement responding to the comments, Copeland “Ras Amen” Smith, Royal Ambassador of HOR said marijuana reform has the ability to “reduce crime, save lives, boost the economy via the establishment or liberation of an industry”.

“An Industry that has the potential to heal you, clothe you, and feed you.”

Smith underscored reform should not be discussed in a vacuum and should be looked at when discussing food security, health, financial services, and crime.  Read more >>