Thursday, October 29, 2020

Predictions of more suicides, overdoses and domestic abuse during COVID are coming true

 Isolation, economic pressure and family conflict all are major contributors.

A teenager spends another day on the family couch, staying indoors in extended isolation because of the COVID-19 pandemic in the borough of Brooklyn, New York, April 25, 2020. Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images, FILE

Dr. Yalda Safai
ABC News

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, the stay-at-home measures and disruptions to daily life that aimed to slow the spread of the virus and save lives led many public health specialists to worry that the nation also could see an uptick in suicides, drug overdoses and domestic violence.

Nine months later, those grim predictions look like they're coming true.

"There is a mental health wave to this pandemic," Dr. Ken Duckworth, chief medical officer of the National Alliance for Mental Illness, told ABC News. "We as a species don't do well with uncertainty."  Read more >>