Saturday, October 3, 2020

Michael Moore slams 'professional liar' Trump and accuses the president of pretending to have coronavirus to postpone the election

Director Michael Moore posted a lengthy conspiracy theory on Facebook Friday in which he claimed that Donald Trump does not have coronavirus, despite the president's hospitalization that evening. Pictured, Moore attends the 6th Annual DOC NYC Visionaries Tribute in 2019

By Frances Mulraney
Daily Mail

Director Michael Moore blasted Donald Trump as a 'professional liar' Friday as he claimed the president was faking having coronavirus to get ahead in the election. 

The left-wing activist, 66, went on a lengthy rant on his Facebook page in which he said Trump was pretending to have COVID-19 to win sympathy amid his dwindling poll numbers, or attempting to have the election day pushed back from November 3. 

He finished the post by admitting that Trump 'probably does' have COVID-19 but said the president had to stay alive to answer for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.  Read more >>