Friday, October 2, 2020

Lockdown find: Chinese wine vessel found in garage sells for $500K


Oscar Holland, CNN

A tiny teapot-shaped antique, discovered in a garage in England during a lockdown clear-out, sold for £390,000 ($497,000) Thursday, after its owner took it to an auctioneer for a free valuation.

Described by British auction house Hansons as the "find of the year," the item was identified as a rare 18th-century wine vessel -- known as a ewer -- that carries the mark of China's Qianlong Emperor.

Weighing just 362 grams (0.8 pounds), the enamel and copper antique is decorated with a floral motif and features a small handle and spout. The item's owner had inherited the item from his grandfather who, the auction house believes, "acquired" the item "while stationed in the Far East" during World War II.  Read more >>