Thursday, October 22, 2020

Illegal oil dumping being investigated

OIL DUMPED ILLEGALLY – Police are investigating the illegal dumping of several industrial sized bags of oil in east Grand Bahama, early Wednesday morning.

 FN Night Editor Barbara Walkin

Law enforcement officers in Grand Bahama are investigating the illegal dumping of several commercial/industrial sized bags of oil on a side road in East Grand Bahama.

A video showing some seven to eight bags, one or two which were already leaking oil, circulated on WhatsApps and Facebook Wednesday (October 21) morning, raising concern among residents and environmentalists.

A number of calls came into this daily’s newsroom regarding the unlawful dumping, with one caller confirming that the video was forwarded to local police.

Deputy Prime Minister K. Peter Turnquest, Member of Parliament for East Grand Bahama was also in receipt of the video and during his presentation in the House of Assembly yesterday, he condemned the individual(s) responsible for the act.

“I want to condemn the person or persons who are responsible for the abuse of the environment in Grand Bahama this morning, who would have dumped oil on the side of the road in East Grand Bahama.

“We don’t know yet, Mr. Speaker, who was responsible, but I would like to update the Grand Bahamian community that have expressed concern this morning,” said Turnquest.  Read more >>