Thursday, October 22, 2020

Hurricane Epsilon to generate large swells but no direct hit to The Bahamas


NASSAU, BAHAMAS — While Hurricane Epsilon is expected to generate large wave swells, the storm will not directly impact The Bahamas, according to the Bahamas Department of Meteorology.

The country has been experiencing a cold front over the past few days, resulting in flooding in parts of New Providence including South Beach and Pinewood.

“We have some mid to upper level trophic over the northwest Bahamas,” said Meteorologist Kaylinda Ward-Forbes.

“And we also have some trophic in the southeast Bahamas, as well as in the lower levels and combined with some tropical moisture that is streaming across the area that is creating this wet pattern that we have today.

“So we expect to have rainfall for most of the day, into tonight, with some clearing into the wee hours of the morning into tomorrow.

“We still expect some of the cloudiness to be over us tomorrow but with much less rainfall.”  Read more >>