Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Henfield: Worst could be yet to come

North Abaco MP Darren Henfield (BIS Photos/Patrick Hanna)

Royston Jones Jr.
Eyewitness News

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Minister of Foreign Affairs Darren Henfield said yesterday The Bahamas could be headed for the “worst period of the pandemic”.

Henfield led debate in the House of Assembly on a resolution to extend the emergency orders to November 30.

He said public health experts predicted months ago the winter months could worsen the situation as more people in the northern hemisphere remain indoors where the virus spreads more easily.

“The pandemic is not close to being over,” he said.

“It will last well into next year. In fact, the world and The Bahamas may be currently heading into the worst period of the pandemic.

“In the Americas, Europe, and parts of Asia, the outbreak is getting worse. Across Europe, new and greater restrictions and lockdowns, and curfews are being implemented.”

Henfield continued: “Sadly, the predictions of the public health experts are being proven correct.

“COVID-19 cases are soaring across the northern hemisphere.

“Again, record cases are being recorded in North America and Europe.

“The global COVID-19 public health emergency is getting worse.”  Read more >>