Friday, October 23, 2020

Guinness may actually be good for you now: There's a non-alcoholic version


Alexis Benveniste
CNN Business

New York (CNN Business)Every Guinness Irish stout has contained alcohol for the past 261 years. Until next week.

Guinness announced 0.0, a non-alcoholic version of its famous stout, will go on sale in the UK and Ireland Monday at select retailers, and it will go on sale elsewhere -- including pubs -- in the spring.

The drink isn't a polar opposite of the famous beer: It goes through a similar production process. Guinness 0.0 is made using the same ingredients that are used for the alcoholic beer -- water, barley, hops and yeast -- then the alcohol is removed through a cold filtration method, according to a press release from Diageo, Guinness' parent company.  Read more >>