Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Gay coronavirus denier eaten alive by guilt after hosting deadly superspreader family gathering

Tony Green

 Graham Gremore, Queerty.Com

Tony Green is a gay Republican from Dallas who made headlines earlier this year after he hosted a gathering at his home that resulted in his entire family contracting coronavirus and two members dying.

43-year-old Green shared his tragic story in a heartbreaking essay published by the Dallas Voice back in June. Now, he’s just published another essay in the Washington Post, in which he says he feels “empty” most of the time and questions whether life is even worth living anymore.

“I know what it’s like to be humiliated by this virus,” Green writes. “I used to call it the ‘scamdemic.’ I thought it was an overblown media hoax. I made fun of people for wearing masks.”

On June 13, Green and his partner threw a big party for their family, during which nobody wore masks or practiced social distancing. The next day, he and his partner woke up sick. Pretty soon everyone who attended the party, as well as several other members of the extended family, had coronavirus.

“I have no idea which one of us brought the virus into the house, but all six of us left with it. It kept spreading from there,” Green writes. “Six infections turned into nine. Nine went up to 14. It spread from one family member to the next, and it was like each person caught a different strain.”

But the nightmare was only just beginning.