Thursday, October 15, 2020

Day Two And Pupils Still Can’T Log On To Lessons

BUT president Belinda Wilson


THE Ministry of Education’s public school virtual learning platform remained down for the second day yesterday, according to the Bahamas Union of Teachers.

Education officials had to turn to “plan B” which, according to BUT president Belinda Wilson, was strictly initiated by teachers.

On Monday, the Ministry of Education’s system crashed and students across The Bahamas were either tossed off the system, or could not get on due to non-working passwords. On Tuesday, the system was still down, but students were taught virtually by another method.

“The Ministry of Education’s virtual learning platform is still not up,” said Mrs Wilson. “So there are some schools who went to alternative plans and most of them are putting together their own Zoom classrooms.

“So far one or two schools got on. What some of the schools have done is they’ve just switched to Zoom classrooms. I think the Ministry of Education was very disingenuous in its press release saying it has switched to ‘plan B’. The Ministry of Education never had a ‘plan B’. The teachers are the ones who made a ‘plan B’ by switching to Zoom and Google Classroom. With those platforms, they are able to teach. Eva Hilton and SC McPherson are two examples. They are using the Zoom platform.”  Read more >>