Saturday, October 3, 2020

Covid-19: The Workplace Is Now A 'Hotspot'

Minister of Health Renward Wells

Tribune Staff Reporter

DECLARING the workplace a COVID-19 “hotspot”, health officials revealed data has suggested that workplace establishments and mass gatherings may be the leading environments of exposure to the novel coronavirus.   

Chief Medical Officer Dr Pearl McMillan made the revelation Friday and acknowledged the statistics on COVID-19 exposure were not as complete as officials would like them to be.

However, she said the data has shown so far that 41 per cent or 447 confirmed cases were exposed to the virus in the workplace or mass gatherings during the second wave.

This was followed by household or “friend” settings, which accounted for 35 percent or 387 exposures.

Dr McMillan also said there have been instances where as many as 12 employees had tested COVID-19 positive from one particular establishment.

“With regards to exposures, data exists for 31 per cent of the cases. Of this (31 percent), 41 per cent of persons…infected with COVID-19 have reported their exposure to have occurred in the workplace or a mass gathering setting,” she said.

“Another 35 per cent reported exposure from household or friends. We remind the public that the Ministry of Health have developed workplace guidelines and have adapted an assessment tool to improve their ability to prepare and maintain a level of readiness.  Read more >>