Tuesday, October 6, 2020

CDC issues scary new warning about a deadly coronavirus complication

A crowd of people wearing face masks for protection against the novel coronavirus and air pollution from mass transit. Image source: tampatra/Adobe

By Chris Smith, BGR

You might not be done with COVID-19 when you clear the novel coronavirus from your system, and that happens to be one of the worst effects of the virus. More than one million people have died of COVID-19 complications, out of more than 35.5 million cases confirmed worldwide so far. But many survivors find themselves fighting with all sorts of COVID-like symptoms long after beating the virus. Health experts trying to understand and treat this type of post-COVID illness have labeled it “Long COVID,” a chronic affliction that may lead to several months of additional treatment. Now, new findings indicate that might not even be the worst-case scenario for coronavirus survivors.

Children infected with SARS-CoV-2 run the risk of developing a secondary syndrome that can be fatal if they also suffer from underlying conditions, or sometimes even for children who are otherwise healthy. The condition was first diagnosed in the UK this spring and then found all over the world. It’s called multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C), it affects a variety of organs, and it can present weeks after a coronavirus infection is cleared. Doctors have warned in recent months that young adults might experience MIS-C as well, rather than solely young kids. Fast-forward to early October, and it turns out that even older adults can develop MIS-C. The condition is equally serious and can even be fatal, and it now has its own name: MIS-A.  Read more >>