Monday, October 26, 2020

Body bags seen overflowing at horror Covid-19 morgue with 'corpses everywhere'

WARNING DISTRESSING CONTENT: The video from Novokuznetsk, Russia, showed a morgue overflowing with dead bodies as a worker captured the grim sight which has led many to question the true extent of the country's coronavirus statistics.

Will Stewart, Douglas Patient

Horrifying footage showing around 50 corpses stashed in an overflow morgue has been released from inside Russia.

This comes amid fears the true Covid-19 toll in the country is three times the scale admitted by official statistics.

The video from Novokuznetsk highlighting bodies piled on top of each other is the second example of such footage in a week from Siberia.

And in a separate incident in southern Russia, new details have emerged of an incident in which 13 vulnerable coronavirus patients died when their oxygen supply suddenly ran out.

A distraught worker filmed the horrific morgue scenes showing dozens of bodies - most but not all in black bags - stashed in a corridor and a room usually used for post mortem examinations.

He called the video “One minute in the life of a Covid morgue in Novokuznetsk city”.  Read more >>