Thursday, October 1, 2020

Black History Month: Why the flag of the Bahamas is flying above St Catharine’s College, Cambridge

The flag of the Bahamas flies above St Catharine's College on October 1, 2020, to mark the start of Black History Month. Picture: St Catharine's College

Paul Brackley
Cambridge Independent

The national flag of the Bahamas is flying over St Catharine’s College to signify the start of Black History Month.

It commemorates the University of Cambridge college’s connection to the Bahamas, through its earliest known black student, Alfred F. Adderley CBE.

This was confirmed during a recent research project, which showed Mr. Adderley arrived from the Bahamas to study law in 1912.

Following graduation and legal training, he returned to the Bahamas to practice law, distinguishing himself in court and becoming a leader in national politics, religion and sports.  Read more >>