Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Biden flips script on Trump in campaign’s final week

The president is scrambling. The challenger is not. It’s a jarring role reversal.

David Siders, Christopher Cadelago

Donald Trump is chasing every possible opening across the electoral map. Joe Biden is sitting on his lead, carefully surveying the landscape for states that might serve as insurance policies.

It’s a jarring flip of the script for an incumbent president and his challenger eight days before Election Day. Trump, in the last gasp of his campaign, is barreling across the country, hoping large rallies and bets placed across the board will pay off for his underdog campaign. Biden is doing fewer and smaller events — and even peering past the election toward governing.

“To say it’s a role reversal is an understatement,” said Kelly Dietrich, a former Democratic fundraiser and founder of the National Democratic Training Committee, which trains candidates across the country.  Read more >>