Saturday, October 24, 2020

A guide to overcoming COVID-19 misinformation

False information about the pandemic is rampant, but seasoned defenders of climate science can offer tips for how to fight it.

A protester at an anti-lockdown rally in Huntington Beach, California, May 1, 2020. Photograph by Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Sarah Gibbens
National Geographi

If any group understands the toll misinformation can take on the public understanding of science, it’s climate scientists. For years, they have been trying to convey the findings from a ceaseless stream of studies showing the world is warming, while combating misinterpretations and outright fake news. A similar infodemic—a surplus of information both legitimate and misinformed—now plagues the COVID-19 outbreak.

Misinformation may feel overwhelming, but there are ways to fight it, say those who study its pervasive reach. By recognizing what it looks like and where it comes from, experts say we can help set the facts straight.  Read more >>