Thursday, September 17, 2020

What to Know Before Traveling to the Caribbean This Fall

Anguilla requires potential visitors to pre-register online at the Anguilla Tourist Board’s website. (photo by Brian Major)

By Brian Major

Many of the Caribbean’s 33 tourism-reliant nations remain closed to international travelers. However, several destinations across the region are now accepting visitors as they attempt to rebuild tourism activity during the critical fall period.

Yet to resume some semblance of the millions of visitors the region previously attracted annually prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, destinations need not only to reopen, but travelers must also feel comfortable returning to the region.

To do that, vacationers must access, understand and prepare for required COVID-19 protocols in the Caribbean country they intend to visit. “We forewarn our clients that protocols and guidelines can change on a dime, so they need to be aware that they might need to suddenly follow a new policy, which can be stressful,” said Jennifer Doncsecz, owner of VIP Vacations.  Read more >>