Wednesday, September 30, 2020

West Bay Street Road paving exercise completed


ZNS Bahamas

The road paving exercise on West Bay Street between Nassau Street and Marcus Bethel Way is officially completed, Works Minister the Honourable T. Desmond Bannister confirmed Monday. “I’m happy to announce that Bahamix is making tremendous progress paving different thoroughfares throughout the island. Despite the establishment facing a number of issues that prevented the project to be completed on time, Bahamix is making good headway,” Hon. Bannister said. “I’m also happy to report that Bahamix repaved the testing area on Fort Charlotte where driving students practice and take their practical examination.”

Bahamix General Manager, Mr. Ryan Rahming, said the area paved on West Bay Street is a temporary surface layer and was done to make the roadway more passable for motorists.  Read more >>