Tuesday, September 22, 2020

These ‘Temporary’ COVID-19 Changes Will Become Permanent

Father works on laptop as mother helps son with homework on kitchen table. - Getty

By John Hall

To say the least, it has been a strange year. While some changes for COVID-19 will be temporary, others seem likely to stick.

Already, companies are extending work-from-home arrangements into next year. Consumers are developing new purchasing habits. Squint, and you’ll see the “new normal” emerging. 

Those who were slow to adopt online shopping before the pandemic may now be locked into using it. Professionals who no longer have to be in physical offices may opt to live in different neighborhoods, cities or regions all together. And companies that are saving on office costs by working from home may never revert back.

The through line that connects these ripples is that we have realized there is a digital solution for almost everything. What this will mean a decade from now in terms of social interaction is anyone’s guess. Although we’ll still make social connections, we may have fewer random interactions.  Read more >>