Sunday, September 20, 2020

The impact of banning alcohol during Covid-19

 Some countries have experimented with alcohol prohibition during the pandemic to keep hospitals emptier. What was the impact? Image credit: Alamy

The Covid-19 pandemic has left people across the globe holed up inside for months, many worried about job security and health issues. It’s clear that in many nations, some people have turned to alcoholic beverages to take the edge off. An April survey revealed that 21% of Brits started drinking more after they entered quarantine, with similar numbers in Canada.

But in South Africa, the government rolled out new rules that prohibited the sale and transport of alcohol entirely. The reasoning was that hospitals would be better able to free up beds for Covid patients if there were fewer people being admitted for alcohol-related illnesses or injuries. South Africa wasn’t alone, either: Thailand and India also rolled out bans during the coronavirus crisis, and Kenya banned alcohol sales in restaurants.  Read more >>