Friday, September 11, 2020

Some Crooked Isl. and Inagua residents worried about rising COVID-19 cases

 A welcome sign on Crooked Island.

By Jasper Ward
The Nassau Guardian

Some residents on Crooked Island and Inagua said they are worried about the rising number of COVID-19 cases on their far flung islands.

Elvie Cunningham, 63, a resident of New Providence, moved to Crooked Island in July to escape a wave of COVID-19 cases on the island.

Cunningham was raised in Church Grove, Crooked Island, and told The Nassau Guardian yesterday that she did not expect any cases on the island. 

“To me, it’s disappointing because I was so happy to get out of Nassau,” Cunningham said.

“I said, ‘Good, I’m going home and there’s no COVID-19 virus here.’ 

“But, now that I’m here and we’ve heard what’s happened over the past couple weeks, I feel disappointed. I’m just hoping that that’s the end of it.” 

Crooked Island reported its first two cases of the virus on August 22, according to the Ministry of Health.

It reported another three on September 9.

Edith Bain, 66, a resident of Cabbage Hill, Crooked Island, said the five cases are concerning.

“Being a small island, one is too much,” she said.  Read more >>