Monday, September 14, 2020

Sierra Ferguson-Top Scorer of the 2020 Laws of Life Essay Competition

Sierra Ferguson

ZNS Bahamas

The Laws of Life Essay and Video competition is a joint venture between the Templeton World Charity Foundation and the Ministry of Education. The competition is in its 12th year since its resurgence in 2009. It is organized by the Writing Unit of the Department of Education along with the Laws of Life Committee.

The 2020 competition was launched in December 2019 and concluded in mid February. This year, the competition had an overwhelming response from students.

Laws of Life Committee Member Mrs. Liesl Wright said , “Following the passing of Hurricane Dorian in early September, 2019, the Laws of Life Committee made the decision to focus the 2020 competition on laws that espoused empathy, care, understanding and appreciation for what our country had experienced”.

Students were required, as they are each year, to select a law, expound upon its meaning and offer real-life and personal examples of the law in action.  Read more >>