Monday, September 14, 2020

Schools Showdown: Teachers Plan Mass Absence

BUT president Belinda Wilson.

Tribune Senior Reporter

A PLANNED sit-out of public school teachers could disrupt the resumption of national exams today as educators look to protest the readiness of their institutions for COVID-19.

Teachers will call in today and say they will not be attending work, according to Bahamas Union of Teachers president Belinda Wilson.

“For many months the Bahamas Union of Teachers has urged the Ministry of Education to present a reopening plan and sit with the Bahamas Union of Teachers so that we can have input,” she told The Tribune yesterday.

“We had two meetings on August 24 and 26 with an accumulation of 13 hours discussing the plan with the union and giving recommendations, most of which were ignored.

“So a straw poll was taken among teachers on their campuses by the shop stewards and the majority of teachers voted in favour of industrial action. So Monday will be dubbed ‘call in support teacher a COVID-19 day’.

“Teachers throughout The Bahamas will call in (saying) ‘I will not be in attendance today.’ Some teachers in Grand Bahama and the Family Islands will wear union colours and union t-shirts in support and solidarity for the action. Teachers want the Ministry of Education to know that ‘teachers’ lives matter’ and we stand in solidarity.”  Read more >>