Monday, September 28, 2020

Police And Protesters Injured Amid Violent Clashes At Anti-Lockdown Rally

 Bottles were thrown at officers as the protests in Trafalgar Square escalated after police began to break up huge crowds.

A protester (R) gestures to a member of the media (L) as he complains about the wearing of a mask, in Trafalgar Square. - JUSTIN TALLIS via Getty Images

Sarah Turnnidge
Huffington Post

Police have clashed with anti-lockdown protesters at a demonstration in central London as officers tried to shut the event down for violating social distancing rules.

Crowds massed in Trafalgar Square at midday on Saturday carrying a variety of signs, flags and placards to take part in a “we do not consent” rally, none appearing to wear face coverings or to social distance.

The demonstrators, who are protesting against government lockdown measures, cheered and clapped, shouting “we will win”. Some protesters were also seen bearing signs with slogans relating to conspiracy theories around vaccines and 5G. 

But the Metropolitan Police said on Twitter that it was asking the crowds to disperse because they were not complying with social distancing rules.  Read more >>