Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Parliament Worker Tests Positive For Covid-19

Tribune Senior Reporter

A STAFF member of Parliament who likely interacted with elected officials during a House of Assembly sitting last week has tested positive for COVID-19, prompting the cancellation of Senate proceedings on Monday.

House Speak Halson Moultrie confirmed Tuesday morning that parliamentary buildings are closed today for deep cleaning.

“We received information yesterday (Monday) that it was possible that a member of staff of the House of Assembly who was exhibiting COVID-19 type symptoms could possibly test positive and the test was done at Doctors Hospital West and I received a call that the result was positive,” Mr Moultrie said.

“What that means is that all persons who have been exposed to the staff member who tested positive would likely have to follow the COVID-19 protocols which means that all members of the House of Assembly and staff as well as possible senators they would have to quarantine for 14 days. It is being recommended by myself and the doctors that members of Parliament and staff members take the COVID-19 test.”

The worker with COVID-19 felt ill over the weekend but was reportedly fine by Monday.  Read more >>