Wednesday, September 9, 2020

‘Out of touch’

Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle

By Rachel Knowles
The Nassau Guardian

Though Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle said crime on Abaco is down nearly 40 percent, some residents insist the statistics do not reflect the problems Abaconians are facing and that Rolle is “out of touch”.

One resident told The Nassau Guardian that they stopped reporting to the police because of an alleged lack of response or an inability to reach them.

Louise Reckley, owner of Lovely’s Delight takeaway on Abaco, and her husband have been living in a room in the building that houses her business after their home was destroyed in Hurricane Dorian.

Though they are trying to rebuild their house, she said just a few days ago some building supplies were taken from her yard.

“Someone came in the yard,” she said.

“Our home was destroyed, so we’re building from the ground up. Someone donated some ice and water shield to us. And we had it there covered, waiting for someone to come and move it for us.  Read more >>