Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Just how fast does COVID-19 spread? This visualization will shock you

 By Mark Wilson

By the time I count to 10, 22 more people around the globe have contracted COVID-19. I glance up a minute or so later, and the number has ballooned to over 300. And while I know COVID-19 is a global pandemic that’s taken nearly a million lives and counting, it’s exactly that “and counting” that’s giving me pause right now. COVID-19 is relentless.

I’m on a site that’s called “COVID-19 Spreading Rates,” developed by data experience designer Jan Willem Tulp. Like countless pandemic visualizations before, it’s an interactive site that conveys the spread of COVID-19 worldwide. But instead of using world maps or line graphs, it features a series of radial progress bars, which count new COVID-19 cases as they come in.  Read more >>