Monday, September 28, 2020

I risked staying in a hotel and I won't do it again for a while

 COVID hit the hotel industry very hard. And, much as hotel companies try to recover, the current experience makes one wonder whether technology can really help at all.

Chris Matyszczyk

Normal is new, but not necessarily improved.

COVID-19 has utterly altered many of the things we used to take for granted.

My wife and I used to enjoy the occasional escape. By changing locations, the hope was that we could escape our daily minds and return, even if briefly, to a heightened level of sanity.

So, spurred by excessive nighttime mutterings at inanimate objects and curious, spontaneous daily ululations at walls, we booked a three-night stay at a hotel in wine country. Northern California wine country, that is.

It's not such a long drive from home. And, to be frank, we just wanted to be somewhere else and sleep somewhere else.

We chose a hotel we knew. It's part of a well-known chain. How different would it be? Most importantly, how would it make us feel?  Read more >>