Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Health Minister encourages dialogue on diseases, viruses

RENWARD WELLS, Minister of Health

FN Night Editor Barbara Walkin

Minister of Health Renward Wells urged health care professionals to “talk” to others about influenza, as the season is quickly approaching.

“COVID-19 is with us and unfortunately that does not mean that all other illnesses and viruses have ceased,” Wells said during the Ministry of Health’s press update Monday (September 14) afternoon.

“In a few short weeks, it will be October, which marks the beginning of the influenza or ‘flu’ season.

“The flu season lasts until March. Last year in The Bahamas, our healthcare system treated thousands of people affected by the flu or complications from the flu.

“At this time, unlike COVID-19, there is a vaccine available to protect people from influenza. It is important that we all get the flu vaccine, especially during this time of COVID-19,” Wells noted.

The flu vaccine is safe and effective and this is supported by years of research, he added.  Read more >>