Friday, September 25, 2020

Education Minister And Union Boss Go To War


Tribune Senior Reporter

EDUCATION Minister Jeff Lloyd said his ministry will not attend meetings with Bahamas Union of Teachers President Belinda Wilson or view her as a credible representative of teachers unless she apologises for her conduct and stops behaving in a “disrespectful and insulting” manner.

He also claimed she has cursed at him in WhatsApp messages.

Mr Lloyd’s comments were in a letter he sent on September 23 to Elma Garraway, the chairman of the National Advisory Council on Education. He copied the letter to Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, Labour Minister Dion Foulkes and Labour Director John Pinder.

Mr Lloyd said despite his ministry’s best efforts to work with Mrs Wilson, officials have too often been met “with insults, disrespect” and an atmosphere that threatens the quality of education for Bahamian students.

He accused Mrs Wilson of illegally leading teachers to industrial action and he claimed Mrs Wilson twice disrespected Education Director Marcellus Taylor in the presence of his subordinates. After one case, he said, the Permanent Secretary sent Mrs Wilson a letter warning her that “neither the ministry nor department will ‘subject (itself) to any further personal attacks by her’.”

Mr Lloyd said Mrs Wilson has twice sent him WhatsApp messages containing the words “f--- y’all.”  Read more >>