Saturday, September 26, 2020

Disney to Share Environmental Impact of New Private Island

“It is also important that notwithstanding our economic challenges we seek to have and find harmony and balance between the need to develop our economy and the need for us to maintain what we have.” – Hon. Romauld Ferreira, Minister of the Environment and Housing

BY TJ Muscaro
Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line will soon have a second private destination for its passengers to explore. But as the creation of what will be called Lighthouse Point works to get underway, Disney is first set to release an assessment of how this new project will affect the environment.

Appropriately called an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), the Bahamas’ Director of the Department of Environmental Planning and Protection, Rochelle Newbold, stated in a press conference on September 24 that Disney’s EIA will be released for public review “in a matter of weeks.”

Now, Disney Cruise Line submitted their EIA in December 2019, but construction cannot begin until the EIA as well as Disney’s Environmental Management Plan is accepted by the Bahamian government as The Walt Disney Company’s second “private island” destination will be set in the Bahamas; at the southern tip of the Island Eleuthera.  Read more >>