Saturday, September 19, 2020

Bleach touted as 'miracle cure' for Covid being sold on Amazon

Consumers buying chlorine dioxide solution on Amazon platform say they have been drinking fluid despite FDA warnings.

A medicine containing chlorine dioxide. Proponents of MMS falsely claim that it is a cure-all for almost all diseases, including malaria, HIV/Aids, cancer and now Covid-19. Photograph: Danilo Balderrama/Reuters

Industrial bleach is being sold on Amazon through its product pages which consumers are buying under the mistaken belief that it is a “miracle cure” for Covid-19, despite health warnings from the US Food and Drug Administration that drinking the fluid can kill.

The chlorine dioxide solutions are being sold on the Amazon platform under the brand name CD Kit and NatriChlor. Third-party sellers signal the bleach as a “water treatment” and include legal disclaimers that the liquid is “not marketed for internal use”.  Read more >>