Monday, September 14, 2020

At 10, Kyle can no longer imagine what he wants to be when he grows up

For Kyle Lyons, parts of childhood are fading into memory as he learns to cope with an uncertain future. His parents fear what the pandemic is doing to him — and his Bronx neighborhood, one of the poorest in the country.

Otillia Steadman, BuzzFeed

When Kyle Lyons was younger, he wanted to be a police officer when he grew up. But now he’s 10, and times — and he — have changed.

“Oh, the police officers do good things. They help people,” he said of his prior thinking, in a voice that made it clear he didn’t believe that any longer. “So I really wanted to be a police officer.”

At some point, though, “I just stopped liking police officers.”

Since his change of heart, Kyle has wanted to be many things: a wrestler, an artist who makes pottery, maybe even a professional basketball or soccer player.

But right now, having completed his sixth month cooped up in a New York City apartment, he’s struggling to imagine his future.

“I haven't really put my mind to it, I guess,” he said. “Maybe it's because I'm home so much. I'm just, like, not really thinking about anything. I'm usually just home watching movies, playing video games.”  Read more >>