Thursday, September 10, 2020

A More Vicious and Tenacious Spread of COVID-19 in This Second Wave

ZNS Bahamas

Minister of Health the Hon. Renward Wells stated that with the second wave surge in COVID-19, the nation has witnessed a more vicious and tenacious spread of this virus within and across nearly all its inhabited islands. “As of yesterday 8th September 2020, we have now recorded a cumulative total 2,657 confirmed cases,” Minister Wells said during his COVID-19 Update Communication in the House of Assembly, Wednesday, September 9, 2020. He explained that females currently account for 48 per cent of all cases and males, 52 per cent. An overall look at all cases show that the majority of cases, 41 per cent fall in the 20 – 39 age group with the 40-59 age group close behind accounting for 36 per cent.

Minister Wells explained that the Ministry of Health continues to execute a comprehensive COVID-19 response strategy to meet the significant demands being placed on the healthcare system and to ensure the well-being of all Bahamians and residents. He said case identification testing and treatment, along with aggressive contact tracing, isolation and quarantine as appropriate remains a key element.  Read more >>