Sunday, August 16, 2020

Your social feed is crowded with misinformation about coronavirus. Here's how to spot it.

I took a peek at one of my childhood friends’ Facebook feeds and spotted 16-times he’s shared a debunked conspiracy theory, cheap fake video or politically-charged falsehood.

By Jennifer Jolly

It’s being called the worst pandemic in modern history. I’m not talking about COVID-19 – thought it most certainly applies here, too – I’m talking about the dangerous, disturbing, and even deadly spread of misinformation online.

You can’t go on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter – to name a few – without seeing examples of it all over the place, from people posting old photos as if it’s current news and information to the more nefarious trolls, bots, deepfakes and online agitators.

No matter how much big tech companies and others pledge to contain this toxic spread, it’s up to us to actually do something about it.  Read more >>