Wednesday, August 5, 2020

'We're in for a bad and rocky ride:' Ex-WHO doctor who helped eradicate smallpox predicts COVID-19 turmoil for years

By Ken Alltucker, USA TODAY

People will need a small yellow card at airports to show immunization against the COVID-19 virus. Schools, restaurants and sports stadiums will be equipped with quick, inexpensive testing stations for students and customers.

The world will be fighting coronavirus for the next three to four years as virus hot spots skip from nation to nation, and the pandemic's toll will linger for decades, said Dr. Larry Brilliant, a California epidemiologist who was part of a World Health Organization team in the 1970s that helped eradicate smallpox.

But it's "not all doom and gloom," with effective vaccines likely to emerge from dozens of candidates worldwide and effective treatments, including convalescent plasma and monoclonal antibodies, to help people recover more quickly, said Brilliant, who chairs Ending Pandemics advisory board.  Read more >>