Sunday, August 2, 2020

Top coronavirus doctor in Spain has a message for tourists: ‘A couple of drinks, you take off your mask, you sing and you dance, that’s a problem’

 Dr. Vicente Soriano believes Spain won’t repeat the dramatic events of March and April.

People wearing protective face masks wait outside an ice cream store on July 27, 2020, in Barcelona, Spain. Getty Images

By Barbara Kollmeyer

Spain has returned to the global spotlight due to a rise in recent coronavirus cases that has triggered worries that a second wave is on Europe’s doorstep, with the U.K. and other countries recommending against travel to the country.

The number of active outbreaks across several regions was 482, with 4,870 cases, as of Thursday, though officials have said Spain isn’t repeating March and April — when hospitals were overwhelmed, morgues overflowed and the country was locked down. To date, 28,441 people have died here, while global infections have topped 17 million.

MarketWatch spoke to Dr. Vicente Soriano, director of the UNIR Medical Center in Madrid, clinician and professor of infectious diseases at the UNIR Health Sciences School & Medical Center, to discuss the latest developments in Spain.  Read more >>