Sunday, August 9, 2020

The Best In - The Bahamas

We started our "The Best In..." series in Armenia and now move on to the Bahamas. Polina Karelina, one of the best players of the Bahamas and the best female players talks about her passion for chess, the Polgar sisters, and the chess scene on the Bahamas. | Photo: Paul Truong

Polina Karelina

by Arne Kaehler

Situated below Miami and above Cuba, the Bahamas are an archipelagic state that consists of of a bit less than 700 islands, of which only about 30 are inhabited. The Bahamas are the 178th largest country in the world by population and reach place 155 by size. The national sport is cricket but chess is become more and more popular.

We had the chance to interview WCM Polina Karelina, the best female player of the Bahamas. Polina was also kind enough to annotate some of her games.  Read more >>