Wednesday, August 5, 2020

PMH Staff Plea For Protection: Doctors And Nurses Beg For Equipment To Guard Against COVID

Staff outside of PMH on Tuesday.

Tribune Staff Reporter

WITH the situation at Princess Margaret Hospital at “a boiling point”, doctors and nurses yesterday called on health officials to implement the “necessary protocols” to better protect workers amid safety concerns at the hospital about the COVID-19 threat.

Their calls for more safety measures comes as the country continues to experience a surge of COVID-19 cases, with 715 cases on record up to press time and 14 related deaths. Thirty-six new cases were reported yesterday: 20 in New Providence, 11 in Grand Bahama, three in Bimini and two in the Berry Islands.

Officials have said the recent surge of cases has started to strain the country’s health care system, with ICU beds already full.

Speaking to reporters outside PMH yesterday morning, head of the Bahamas Doctors Union Dr Melisandre Bassett said some workers have been left compromised due to overcrowding at the Accident and Emergency Department at the medical facility.

This, she said, has increased COVID-19 fears among staff, who are concerned about potentially spreading the virus to their families.  Read more >>