Tuesday, August 11, 2020

PLP Targets ‘Failings’ In Efforts To Help Grand Bahama

PLP Senator Dr Michael Darville

Tribune Senior Reporter

THE Progressive Liberal Party knocked Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ national address yesterday, saying it failed to properly address the needs of Grand Bahama residents.

The statement, by Senator Michael Darville and Dr Melissa Evans, the leaders of the PLP’s COVID-19 task-force, called for a more clearly articulated plan for that island.

“People are suffering,” the statement said. “They need to know what the government is doing to keep them safe, what facilities and protocols are in place, and what resources are being provided to look after them.”

“Grand Bahama is still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Dorian. It is now a major hotspot for COVID-19 infections. And yet the best the prime minister could offer is to concede that conditions on the island are ‘grave’?”

“It was shocking to hear that, after more than five months into this COVID pandemic, the government is only just now commencing the construction of a new unit at the Rand Memorial Hospital. Why? The prime minister must urgently provide answers to how the government is going to get on top of this pandemic.  Read more >>