Wednesday, August 12, 2020

NIB confusion was ‘unavoidable’

Brensil Rolle

By Rachel Knowles

Minister of National Insurance Brensil Rolle said the chaos that ensued on Monday, as crowds of people waited to collect unemployment assistance and benefit checks, was unavoidable, and claimed that the majority of those in line left with the checks they were promised.

“For the most part, we’re satisfied a significant number of Bahamians and they got the checks that we printed for them,” he told reporters outside Cabinet yesterday.

“But you’ve got to take into account that there are hundreds of Bahamians, one, who do not have a bank account so we cannot make a direct deposit to them.

“Secondly, they may not want us to make a direct deposit because banks may deduct sums from them. And thirdly, some individuals, particularly those who wanted to get on the new rollover program, saw this as an opportunity to come to NIB to get service.”

NIB last week published a list of nearly 2,500 people for whom checks were ready for collection. However, many who lined up on Monday, claiming their names were on that list, said they waited for hours only to receive nothing.  Read more >>