Saturday, August 8, 2020

Nearly 400 Invasive Cane Toads Caught


NEARLY 400 cane toads have been caught as the battle against the invasive species continues.

The Bahamas National Trust in partnership with the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Environmental Health and the Best Commission have captured 392 toads as of July 21.

The species, now established in Western New Providence, is harmful to humans and even deadlier to pets, especially dogs.

Scott Johnson, science officer, Avian and Terrestrial Matters, Bahamas National Trust, told The Tribune that the species was first discovered in Lyford Cay in 2013 and has now made its way to the Old Fort Bay area.

"The cane toad task force began in 2013," Mr Johnson said. "There was a lull in the cane toad numbers at first, but numbers picked up and the task force had to be reinstituted in June 2020."

Although the task force found the toads in Western New Providence, it did a full investigation of the entire island of New Providence and found no trace of toads in other areas.  Read more >>