Saturday, August 15, 2020

More restrictions ahead if lockdown rules not followed

By Sloan Smith

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Health officials said yesterday that they are monitoring a number of current indicators in order to determine whether they will be recommending additional restrictive measures for the country.

The Bahamas remains on a 24-hour lockdown, following reimplemented measures to curb the significant increase in cases during the second surge.

The lockdown is expected to remain in effect until August 19, and will be reassessed near the end of the period.

Pointing the amount of traffic on the road during the days allowed for essential services, Deputy Cheif Medical Officer Dr. Delon Brennen indicated that there seem to be more people going out now than during the country’s first wave.

Brennen said there is a trend in New Providence, Grand Bahama, and other Family Islands where people continue to engage in social activities with others.

“Unfortunately, that is continuing to put us in a position where it is difficult for us at this stage to take in hand this current wave,” he said.

“And it’s going to make it more difficult for us to say at any point that we are going to be able to suppress what is going on with the viral spread and for us to make a recommendation that now that our numbers are looking so much better that we are going to bring this down.”

Brennen said residents must take the lockdown seriously and follow the advised protocols if restrictions are to be lifted.  Read more >>