Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Stanford study reveals how vaping influences coronavirus risks

"I really hope that all youth and young adults who vape hear this evidence and decide to quit...".

By Emma Betuel

In 2018, former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb called teen vaping "an epidemic" as teens took up the habit in record numbers. While 2020 gave us an actual pandemic that has eclipsed the "epidemic" of teen vaping, scientists have warned that it was only a matter of time before the two trends met.

New research suggests they already have.

A study released by scientists at Stanford University suggests that vaping is linked to higher chances of having Covid-19 symptoms. This finding was published Tuesday in the journal Adolescent Health.

Based on an analysis drawn from 4,351 vapers, smokers, non-users, and dual users, the team estimates that vapers were five times more likely to have been diagnosed with Covid-19 compared to non-vapers. Dual users (people who smoked and vaped) were seven times more likely to have had a Covid-19 diagnosis.  Read more >>