Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Glenys Hanna Martin Hits Out At New Lockdown Measures

Englerston MP Glenys Hanna Martin hit out at the government’s new lockdown measures on Monday night, calling them “brutal”.

In a statement on her Facebook page, Mrs Hanna Martin said: “I have in the past supported all the protocols and all the lockdowns but this one, particularly as it relates to an inability to access food and water, is brutal.

“I am stunned that our leaders believe this is an acceptable approach especially as it relates to persons with health concerns like diabetics, the elderly, children, people living in poverty many of whom are not on the food programme. By the way they must know that many have been unable to register for the programme because of sustained issues with the app.
“I want to say more but I will reserve for now. 
“I am, however, calling on the government to bring immediate attention during these next 7 days to vulnerable persons. A hot line should be established forthwith by the Department of Social Services (not the police) for people in crisis to receive prompt help or seek support.

“We all want to get beyond this point but we need wise decision-making that invokes the confidence of the people and not destroy their spirits.  (source)