Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Experts Confirm Border Move To Blame For Surge


A PAN American Health Organisation official has attributed the alarming number of COVID-19 cases in The Bahamas to the opening of borders allowing non-essential travel and citizens visiting destinations where the virus has skyrocketed.

Dr Sylvain Aldighieri, PAHO Deputy Director, answered media questions yesterday during PAHO’s virtual press briefing on COVID-19.

While he commended as vital in the fight against the spread of the disease The Bahamas’ COVID-19 Contact Tracing Task Force, Dr Aldighieri highlighted this country’s heightened cases over the last several days.

The Bahamas recorded 371 cases of COVID-19 from August 1 to August 10.

“… We cannot say that the increase in the number of cases is due to the increase of testing,” Dr Aldighieri said. “We would more favour as it relates with the resuming of non-essential travels and travel to countries that have very high rates of transmission of the virus at the moment.

“We are working very closely with The Bahamas regarding the strengthening and the expansion of the government surveillance network. I would like to flag the importance of the strengthening of contact tracing activities and to highlight the implementation in The Bahamas of the contract tracing strike force which is very important for controlling the amount of cases reported.”  Read more >>