Sunday, August 9, 2020

Can coronavirus live on your mobile phone? How to clean it without damaging the screen and what not to do

Clorox wipes will safely disinfect your phone, but there are lots of common cleaners that you should never, ever use.

Make sure you're cleaning your phone the right way. Derek Poore/CNET

By Katie Conner

If the possibility of coronavirus living on your most frequently touched surfaces (like Amazon packages, clothes or shoes) for more than a few days gives you any degree of anxiety, you're not alone in your thinking. Though surfaces aren't considered the primary way that the coronavirus transmits, in general, any germ that's on your phone or case can potentially transfer to your fingers and face.

Early studies showed that RNA of the novel coronavirus may be able to survive on some surfaces -- including your beloved phone -- for nine days or even longer, but so far there's insufficient evidence to determine if the virus can infect you after that amount of time.

As coronavirus cases surge across the country and the planet, knowing how to correctly wash your hands as well as wearing a face covering will help lower your risk. Cleaning your phone more often is a good idea regardless, but what's the correct way to remove the gunk without damaging your device?  Read more >>