Monday, August 10, 2020

Bahamas Ministry of Tourism's film update highlights film sector’s resilience

The Bahamas earned close to $300,000 in screen production revenue in the month of July, the Bahamas Film & Television Commission confirmed.

The revenue was the combined spending in The Bahamas of four television show productions that streamed into the country at the earliest opportunity, said Clarence Rolle, General Manager of the Film Commission, a division of the Ministry of Tourism.

“We were not surprised by this because the research shows that film is a very resilient business,” Rolle said, referring to a June 2020 report released by Olsberg SPI, an organization specializing in entertainment research. “They released a report in June that said that film was going to be one of the first industries to come back after Covid-19. Film is expected to lead the way and help other industries recover.”

Rolle pointed out that, film and television productions utilize many other economic sectors to complete their work. They are known for large expenditures on accommodations, meals, ground transportation and purchasing merchandise that ranges from building supplies to electronics. So, the film business feeds many other businesses, he said.  Read more >>