Saturday, August 29, 2020

AG: Some sectors will have to wait

Attorney General Carl Bethel

By Candia Dames

Law firms will soon be permitted to open half day with limited staff as the government seeks to ensure that justice is not denied, but cosmetologists and others who work in the beauty industry will not be able to reopen on New Providence, Grand Bahama and several other islands until the COVID-19 case curve has been flattened, Attorney General Carl Bethel advised yesterday.

The latest emergency order, which permits retail businesses, gaming houses, restaurants and certain other establishments to operate under certain health protocols, has been met by disappointment among those who must remain closed or must operate under very strict conditions.

Attorneys are permitted to operate when discharging instructions in existing criminal or urgent civil matters or taking instructions in new criminal or urgent civil matters where this cannot be done by audio-visual means, or acting in connection with the execution of wills subject in all cases to producing identification if requested to do so.

Several attorneys took to social media yesterday to express their displeasure.  Read more >>