Friday, August 28, 2020

A major US city is going back into lockdown today because of COVID-19

An aerial view of the Hawaiian capital city of Honolulu. Image source: Maridav/Adobe

By Andy Meek

Hawaii has become the latest example of a couple of difficult yet fundamental truths about the COVID-19 pandemic, based on the coronavirus-inspired lockdown that was set to begin Thursday on the island of Oahu — which also encompasses the state capital of Honolulu.

Time was, Hawaii was regarded as one of the few so-called “safe” corners of the US. Its status as an island and the relative difficulty in getting to it seemed to make it a bit harder for the coronavirus to spread to it from the US mainland compared to, say, between adjacent states like New York and New Jersey. And yet, as of Thursday, the state’s capital was set to return once again to a lockdown status, with a stay-at-home order meaning the closure of non-essential businesses like retail stores and gyms. They’ll have to stay closed for two weeks, and this order also keeps public spaces like beaches and parks, as well as bars, closed, too.  Read more >>